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eBoard-the paperless sketch board Intellegent mobile remote control WonderLENs-more telephoto fun VisCORDER Digital Photo Frame Small screen DP Frame Theme DriveDiskDisc USB Flash Disk Multimedia Watch Care series Customization Corner Disc Disk Diskette

















































































































We help your products to stand out from the crowd

We provide total solution for any customization project, from software, hardware, feature, outlook and package


Here are examples of our work


Illustration 1




and inlay




Illustration 2



Individual characters



Illustration 3


Customized operating software

with your desired screen display and unique features



Illustration 4


Customized accessory, installation disc

(theme disc)



Illustration 5



USB Writing Flash Pens

(metallic shells in many colourful paints, and logo casted clipper )




Illustration 6



USB Flash Disks

(wide selection of painted colours in shells,  metallic sleeves, straps, and body shapes)


Illustration 7

More customized colours available



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Above characters are licensed under respective owners, (Sario HK/Tokyo Ltd).

(courtesy of Gift Ideas Ltd)


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We create, manufacture, and supply quality AV & Contents Storage Products, engineered with more extra values!


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