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Our small screen Digital Photo Frames are giving more alternatives in size, shape, and cost to meet the popular demand of the market, from 2.5" ~ 3.5" screen size.


Important notice:

In compliance with the global air freight ordinance imposed by the international carriers and the freight operators, all sorts of batteries shall be not allowed. We have modified all our small screen Digital Photo frames to become operative under dual power energies source, the USB or the AC.


Standing Tablet Digital photo frame

Innovative own design

exclusively designed and created

Patent pending








Digital photo twin frames

exclusively designed and created, brick series

Patent pending

1 digital 2,5" digital screen and 1 classic picture frame

More display options and view pleasure

Versatile and flexible unique backpoles

Easy link hooks, lockable and unlockable

Full color logo imprint

Earth look pattern panel in bricks

3 standard frame colours available,white/grey/black

2 printed patterns available, regular bricks, irregular bricks

USB or AC power energy




corner standup collapsible backpole parallel standup expandable backpole



LAV032A (3.5" screen)

Screen: 3.5 inch TFT LCD (320*240)

Dual power supply, DC5V/1V & USB from PC

Support Memory Cards: SD/MMC (32MB~2GB)

Playable to display photos by automatic slideshow or manual select

Clock & Date display

Photo: JPEG

External memory: accept USB drive, SD card

Simple operation with 5 buttons, Menu-Next-Prev-Set-

      Power wer

Unit measurement: 130x102x25mm; 100x80x20mm.

      Other models vary slightly

Light weight: 350gr, varies according to each

     respective unit

LAV032A (3.5" screen)




LAV032U MS (3.5" screen)




2.5" screen Digital Photo Frame

Simple, easy, & stylish, handy to store, to carry and to display

Crystal clear TFT 2.5" screen, 320x240 display

Accept any size JPG/BMP picture formats

Superb AX series operating system

Built-in software to download, upload, transfer photos through auto resize to viewable format. 100%

    hassle free.

USB or AC power

Long hours non-stop playing (appx 8 hours-lithium battery)

Special key tone to ensure each buttoning

USB2.0 for high speed connectivity

Various display modes to meet different viewing pleasure

9.2x6.9x1.2cm, 180gr (each model will vary slightly)



LAV029M (2.5" screen)

Desktop, tapped up to anywhere by magnetic back




2.5 inch TFT crystal clear bright screen; 36.72x48.96mm

    display size area

Resolution: 240x320 (QVGA)

Playable photos, set slideshow

Clock and calendar display

Auto Turn On/Off

Easy & simply operation with 3 buttons

Built-in Memory 8MB

Photo format: JPEG/BMP/GIF 16~32pc pics

Mini USB port connection

Unit measurement: 7x5.6x0.5cm

Extra enlargeable plastic transparent outer frame

      11x10cm in rectangular accompanied as standard

      accessory, heart shape or any is available upon  request

      as additional option

Standard and longer stands, driver disc, USB cord, & power adapter

     (international voltage)



LAV029Z (2.5" screen)

Distinguishing unique style, twistable stand & screen




LAV029C (2.5" screen)




LAV029S (2.5" screen)

LAV029S Light grey



1.5" screen Digital Photo Frame

LAV030AI (1.5" screen) w/video clip function

First of its kind, playable in video clip, excellent for action promotional campaign, full technical support for preloading contents. Please ask.




1.5" screen Digital Photo Frame

Ideal desktop mate, stand with cover



1.5" CSTN 65K colour screen

Play photos by slideshow

Clock and display function

Auto Turn On/Off

Built-in Memory: 8MB

USB or AC energy

Product measurement: 8x5.5x3cm

Net weight: 35gr




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