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LAV060 details & specs

Tech Issues


eBoard-the paperless sketch board Intellegent mobile remote control WonderLENs-more telephoto fun VisCORDER Digital Photo Frame Small screen DP Frame Theme DriveDiskDisc USB Flash Disk Multimedia Watch Care series Customization Corner Disc Disk Diskette



Handy, simple, easy



Some examples to use eBOARD™

in the office, studio, canteen, school, home

for business, work and fun

Menu - home/restaurant-bar

Calculation/budget - school

Alert/reminder - office/home


Sketch /notes - office/meeting

Ideas/thoughts/design - studio

Fun drawing - school/home



Short demo video (2.58 min)



 Standard packing in a box :

  100 packs

  Each pack is a card box consists of a protective foam bag to hold 1 eBoard with 1 stylus pen and bedded 1 lithium battery

  Each pack weighs appx 250gr, 1 export   carton 30KG


Characteristic & Technical specs:

  Shape design to fit for palm holding or desktop working

  Drawings or messages written on eBoard will not vanish until hit the 'trash or clear' button

  3V lithium battery life to last 2 years

  Each eBoard net weight 110gr

  Each pack gross weight 250gr

  Must use the provided stylus pen to write or draw on the eBoard, any others may damage the LCD screen

  Avoid eBoard from direct sunlight, and separate from heavy object while storage

  Standing color in green, other colors for 1,000 eBoards or more

  Logo imprint or label are available at cost, please ask

  Watch children while using the eBoard






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