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Intelligent mobile remote switch-

1 control for all:



provides easier and more comfortable lifestyle


It is an USB device replacing the existing InfraRed remote control to command all electrical appliance, TV, air conditioner heater, light, curtain etc. No more searching for the various hidden or forgotten remote control, use the mobile or cell phone to switch on/off, and other available functions through our web application (APP) under an active WiFi network, both indoor and outdoor, near or far far away

Indoor colonel

one takes all controls for any electrical appliance


Outdoor on-the-go

Being away from home or office, still able to activate appliance any where, any time:

1. During the melting hot days outside, start air-conditioner on a sweating return

2. In the freezing times, get the heater running to enjoy a warmed up the welcome

3. For security and safety, put on the lights during lonely night hours when away and no one there

4. Many more to activate designated appliance for special options


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User-friendly net application over WiFi anywhere to command iSWITCH™, by crossing all available networks, compatible to iPhone and Android mobiles or cell phones. A few minutes to setup for long hours pleasure.





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Demo - iSWITCH™

TV, multimedia player, air-conditioner, & HiFi (3min28sec)



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Characteristic features:


USB power encrypted the InfraRED protocol, to embrace over thousand brands, and 30K known models; updating weekly for new models


Smart auto-match with the original old remote control


Operative under WiFi active environment


Primary working WiFi network, co-relates with any available secondary WiFi  or 4G network


One iSWITCH™ dedicates to 1 mobile/1 user to prevent confusion within registered WiFi


Transferrable to other user


Manageable to add more iSWITCH™ devices and to deactivate/delete listed models


Gift pack in blister or small box (please ask)


Warranty: timeless operative assistance, and 2 year hardware failure under proper usage


Technical & production specs:

Weight 100gr net





Crossed networks Enabled, active Wifi, 4G etc
Input energy 5V DC
WiFi energy usage ≤1W
InfraRed frequency 38K
InfraRed registered models over 30K, periodically update
InfraRed coverage Wide angel 160degree, max distance 12-15 meters
Gross package weight Gross package weight, 250gr (0.25KG)

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