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We strive persistently in meeting market needs, with all possible resources and evolving technology. From time to time, we are updating and sharing latest product development through regular periodic newsletter, and Twitter. We have our growing community and wish to keep all of us in touch!

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eBOARD™ Its eco and green for paperless writing and drawing,  8.5" screen area (1/2 size of A4 paper)
iSWITCH™ Using mobile or cell phone to activate all electrical appliance wherever indoor or outdoor, near or far far away
Can't leave phone without Metallic Executive Power Pen, discrete and unparalleled, top of the class, captivating abundant features with all desktops, tablets, cell phones for in-outdoors computing, signing, writing, telephoning, archiving, gaming and lots more plus pwd protected. Solves all limit of phone storage, handy sharing and transfer locally without network, no 3rd party risky cloud.
WonderLENs Top up for more telephoto fun, pouch kit for 3, the Microscopic Eye, the Wide Angle Eye, the Fish Eye. Versatile fit for all built-in camera with cell phone, tablets.
VisCORDER, restless reception V.2 upgraded and advanced for more features, user-friendly. A must for automation in modern home, work office, nurseries and 16 proposed application scenarios

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