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eBoard-the paperless sketch board Intellegent mobile remote control WonderLENs-more telephoto fun VisCORDER Digital Photo Frame Small screen DP Frame Theme DriveDiskDisc USB Flash Disk Multimedia Watch Care series Customization Corner Disc Disk Diskette


All our products are fully in compliance with the FCC, CE , RoHS standard & SISVEL requirement. We have a Customization Corner to meet your various needs.


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Its eco and green for paperless writing and drawing,  8.5" screen area (1/2 size of A4 paper)


Intelligent mobile remote control over all InfraRED electrical appliance by mobile or cell phone under active WiFi, wherever indoor or outdoor, near or far far away

Metallic Executive Power Pen

Top of class, a blend of handcraft & technology, abundant features for computing, signing, writing, telephoning, archiving, gaming and lots more, plus pwd protected, discrete and unparalleled, handy sharing and transfer from/to phone locally, available in 16-64GB


Automatic wireless reception android

Patent pending

An innovative and exclusive visitor live wireless android designed to capture all visitors through video and audio recording, displaying text and voice hint (multilingual, 10 countries). User will be alerted by door bell upon visitor arrival and will be reminded to view the information through password control. Safe, and secure to guard the entrance, unattended reception, patrol check-point report etc.See our 16 best fit applicable senarios. Recent upgraded and advanced

WonderLens Top up more fun with telephoto for portable built-in camera, mobile phone and tablets using the flexible clip, the Microscopic Eye, the Wide Angle Eye and the Fish Eye.

Digital Photo Twin Frame


Versatile and flexible for more display option, view pleasure. Collapsible backpoles and link hooks are thoughtfully designed, 3 colored frames and 2 printed bricks patterns are available

Digital Photo Frame

(Photo viewer or multimedia player)

Introducing Tablet twin frames, our latest flat panel both in printed patterns, very creative outlook,  first in the world market, the bamboo material built in 7" screens, the bamboo is a Green material that is environment-friendly. Most of all, why pay more to buy larger screen frame when all our 7" screen DP Frames have the AV out feature to play on TV screen or any other display devices for maximum entertaining pleasure.

Small screen DP Frame

Launching the newest, small screen Standing Tablet digital photo frames, twin frames for more display options, exclusively designed and created, not found elsewhere!

Nature Series-Digital Photo Frame

Easy and simple pay through remote control device, flat round panel of 5 Nature phenomena in 3D visual outlook, convenient to switch to larger display TV, VCR by pressing 1 button for optimal sharing pleasure

3D Theme Flash Drive/Disk

Uniquely and exclusively designed in symbolic shape, & shapely cut for various commemorative event and purpose, in Business activities, Office fun, & Lovelies

USB Flash Drive

USB Stylus pens, special and unique shape drives

Hi Speed and larger capacity at lower prices, flexible to provide shells and labour, separate from flash memory for cost control, and OEM/ODM projects)

Musical Multimedia Watch

The latest phone watch, touch-screen, some models are populated with BlueTooth, in full functions of music/photo/video, extremely stylish for all occasional wearing, not just a precision timepiece

Care Series

This series will provide caring protection for most popular portable devices, like iPhone, tablet PC and all other handheld electronic products

Customization Corner

will provide all size and shape of OEM & ODM projects, designing, branding, molding, 3D shapely cut or injected

Disc Disk Diskette

Our pride of history from where we came since 1991, know-how and assembly facilities transfer available


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