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Tech Issues

Tech Issues

Seeking technical service, support, or drivers for our products, please fill in the following form and submit to us. We pledge to respond shortly.




Tech Assistance Requested:

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Downloadable English User Guides are provided, please check the model and to download.

They are in the PDF format which requires a PDF viewer to read. 

AV Album & Player I-II (LDC044-045), PDF format, size 410KB, click here to download

MP3 watch, (LMP079, LMP080), PDF format, size 125KB,

click here to download

Most of our MP4 (MVP-Music, video, photo players) operation  are

similar, except the outlook and the screen size. Check with this model to learn the basis of how to play for its optimal performance.

Quick User Guide for MP3~4 player, LMP132,

click here to download

Small Screens (1.1", 1.5" & 2.5") Digital Photo Frame series:

(1) Photos transfer tool between the computer and the Digital Photo Frame, click here to download

(2) User Guide, click here to download

7" Screen Digital Photo Frame - multimedia series,

(1) User Guide click here to download

(2) AV out Setup User Guide click here to download

AV out Setup demo

Breaking news! We are now modifying all multimedia models to switch to AV-out by hitting one button via the remote control, easy, straight and simple.


7" Screen Digital Photo Frame - Photo Viewer (LAV024U)

User Guide, click here to download

3.5" Screen Digital Photo Frame - Photo Viewer (LAV032A)

User Guide, click here to download

2.8"-3" screen Net Move Player, 300 series (LMP303)

User Guide, click here to download

Hi speed USB drives in various shape and form (bracelets, touch pen, sticks etc), ver. 2.0 and ver.3.0, click here to download

VisCORDER, the wireless and restless reception system


(1) Quick start guide, click here to download

(2) We are upgrading our operating system to ver.2. We shall send out the batch for upgrade. Please check with us from time to time.


Here are some FAQ which focus mostly on technical terminology and application. We shall check out the popularity of this section from time to time. We encourage you to raise your valuable comments and invite you to post us some most-wanted opinion so as for the viewers and our productivity.


From the Floppy Diskettes


Q: Average Signal Amplitude?

A: The arithmetically averaged value for a track of the output voltages measured peak to peak over the whole track.



A: American National Standards Institute.



A: Bits per radian.


Q: Extra Bit?

A: An extra bit occurs whenever a pulse is detected during a read attempt over a track that has previously been DC erased with a current equivalent to the quiescent value of the Test Recording Current. To be considered an extra bit, the peak amplitude of this pulse must be greater than 20% of the average base-to-peak 2f signal level from that track when recorded with the Test Recording Current.


Q: Missing Bit?

A: A missing it occurs whenever the base-to-peak voltage amplitude of any flux transition is not at least 45% of the average base-to-peak signal level of the track under test, where2f is the Test Recording Frequency and the Test Recording Current is use.


From the Discs



A: International Standard Recording Code, which is an optional 12-character descriptor that identifies a specific track on an audio CD. Each track can have its own unique ISRC consisting of 2 alphanumeric characters (country), 3 alphanumeric characters (owner), 2 digits (year of recording) and 5 digits (serial number).


Q: Copy Prohibit flag?

A: This is a setting in each track on an audio CD, indicating whether or not that track can be copied by a digital recorder.


Q: UPC code?

A: Uniform Product Code, is an optional 13-digit descriptor that can be written into an audio CD.


Q: Universal recognized formats?





ISO 9660

CD-ROM Mode 1 & Mode 2

CD-DA (Compact Disc-Digital Audio)

CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 1 & Form 2

Hybrid (ISO 9660/HFS)

Single session

Hybrid (ISO 9660/HFS/Rock Ridge)


Mixed Mode

Disc-at Once and Track-at-Once

CD-I Form 1 & Form 2

Rock Ridge

Native O/Sís (NT, DOS, OS/2, UFS, HFS

(Mac O/S), SUN, AS/400, AIX, etc.


Video CD


Photo CD


Picture CD

Bootable CD


Karaoke CD


Q: Printable discs?

A: Discs can be printed directly by inkjet or thermal CD/DVD printers. There are 3 types of printable discs,

(1)   Ordinary silver reflecting surface discs.

(2)   Inkjet printable discs.

(3)   Thermal printable discs.


Q: Thermal printable discs?

A: Thermal printer can print by using thermal heat against the monochrome (single black, blue, or red colour) or CMY (blended colours) ribbons directly to above type (1) & (3) discs. Type (1) discs are to be coated by a special printable layer of lacquer whereas the type (3) is coated by either a white/cream/matt colour printable paint. This is common for using scanning equipment for reading the bar-codes or other index information on the printed discs. Most of the professional fulfillment, software houses or turnkey operators are using this type discs to do the printing-on-demand jobs. The printed discs are long lasting and resistant to hazardous environments, like water, heat, humidity, magnetism etc.



Q: Inkjet printable discs?

A: Inkjet printer always provide a higher pixels of picture-like printing. This type of discs are to be coated by a special paint, normally white or cream, to absorb the ink printed by the inkjet printer. There are some setbacks, this discs are to be made by order due to the expensive paint, and the background ink will turn yellow or withered away condition after some time, the quicker will be 6 months. That will also affected those printed or non-printed discs.


Q: Speeds of discs?

A: There are 2 essential speeds for each recordable optical discs, no matter it is a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW, the reading and the recording speeds.


Q: Multi-speed?

A: This will refer to multi-read and multi-write speeds.


Q: What is an audio CD.

A: The disc compiled with songs and created according to The Industry standard (Red Book)



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