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Welcome to our community. We do not send SPAM! We are keeping each of us in close touch with our latest evolving technological development and product alert. Please mark us in your SafeSender list or Whitelist to avoid future communication dumping into your Junk Mail box. Do not reply or write to email address. It is for solely sending purpose and will not respond timely.



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We respect everyone's privacy through the merit of freedom in information flow and are fully committed to preserving the genuineness of the community members data and protecting them without inappropriate disclosure or wrong usage. All our communication, newsletter, and correspondence are done in strict accordance with the universal ordinance fighting against spam requirement with tracking reference, our contact details and un-subscription option.  Each interactive request is processed and audited within the soonest time manually by our marketing team. Free speech, no fraud, no scam.


We are a whitelisted company:

(1) We are member of anti-spam alliances both in China, and in U.S. We respect everyone's privacy right and appreciate others

     reciprocate the same.

(2) All our correspondence, communication, newsletter abide to an universal standard of legitimate business letter form. It will

     pertain the name of sender, full details of contact, the name of intended recipient. There is an opt-out option for easy un-

     subscription. Every request is audited manually and safe

(3) This website is whitelisted by filtering 3rd parties pop-up banners or advertisement windows. We shall keep our continual


(4) We encourage our community members to add us (mentioned above) in their Safe-Sender list or Whitelist so as to ensure

     our communication and newsletters reach your inbox safely on time


Sharing some safety tips


(A) While surfing the internet at some websites, even though you have enabled the blocker for pop-up, you still see unwanted small windows of advertisement either replaced the original pictures or at the foot of the webpage, it is likely your browser is being compromised or the visiting website is not whitelisted. The quickest and simplest way is to switch to the latest IE browser.


(B) Ad-Block Plus is a good tool which is a free extension to be installed on the browser. It can be installed easily to Chrome, FireFox. Get it from Google site or AD-Block Plus official website


(C) Cloud storage is getting hot and popular. Beware when uploading your banking statement, personal data and confidential content, in particular your passwords list. Think twice and must be manipulative with them, making sure they are all in good hands. Holy god will know who is managing them up in the Cloud, especially those free of fee offer! Treat them like key or wallet. USB drive is a good way.


(D) Getting unwanted hyperlinks while browsing, and it is annoying. Here is the easily resolved as suggested by many forums, i.e. it seems the problem coming from and add it to the filter in the AdBlock. Restart the browser.



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